Looking for a piano or grand piano?

In my studio you can find a variety of excellent pianos and grand pianos. Come experience which instrument suits you best. I will deliver to you personally the instrument of your choice. Every half year I will come to tune it. Do you want to buy a piano from a good piano store? Be critical. Be guided by a professional. I am your man for advice in purchasing and for mediating.

Do you want to take over an instrument from a private individual? Then you are less sure of the condition of maintenance and you have no guarantee. In that case, I can appraise the piano for you. I charge € 75 (incl. 21% btw) for a complete written appraisal.

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Posture at the piano needs to be correct and relaxed. A piano bench is an unpretentious piece. But if you have ever played for an hour with the wrong posture, you will know exactly why you need to pay attention to this at least once. When playing piano, every detail is important. I will gladly advise you on the purchase of a piano bench, piano lamp and metronome.

The Wheat and the Chaf

Nowadays, many pianos are made in China. Good instruments, often built to standards and labeled with a confidence inspiring German name. Still it is not always easy to make a good choice. In this area I have had many years of experience and can give you good advice. With an objective eye and expert ear, I can judge each (grand)piano with regard to its tone and technical aspects.