jos de ling

The right tone.

My interest in music began when I was about 15. I loved music, played piano and the piano became my special focus, especially the technical aspect of the instrument. And so it happened that when I was 19, I chose to train to become a piano tuner/technician.

A dream comes true!

The piano began to dominate my life. The thorough training in piano technics at the HMC, the world of music. This profession and this life suited me to a T. The time flew. I took exams and got my first job as a piano tuner-technician in one of the prominent companies in our country. After 10 years of working with various employers, gaining experience and maturity, I began my own business.

Meanwhile, 30 years on, I have a successful business as a piano tuner/technician and I restore top quality piano’s and grand piano’s including Steinway, Bösendorfer, Grotrian Steinweg, Bechstein, Bluthner among others. My showroom and workshop are located on the canal at Uilebomen 21 in The Hague.

"I treat every client as if
he is the only one, a lasting
relationship is my goal"


In my studio you will find throughout the year a varying number of excellent piano's and grand piano’s. Obviously I take time for you to recommend a piano that in terms of sound and touch is best for you. A selection of my range: